10 Super Cool Chillout Spots in Dubai

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So you came to Dubai and want to know the hippest chillout spots in dubai? You’re in the right place!

So people, when you get to Dubai you realise there’s a number of things that could kill you – the driving (ever been on the road to Abu Dhabi?), the heat or the sand.

Fortunately for us, we love the sand and we can handle the driving, but the heat? Well, let’s just say sweating in your jeans in 52 degrees isn’t fun.

To make things easy on you guys, check out our super cool list of proper chillout spots in dubai you can enjoy and cool off in style!

Lets get to it!

2. Ski Dubai – Wowwwwww!

Zorbing at Ski Dubai! Mega Cool! Chillout Spots in Dubai

Ok, we get it.

You’re that boring dude at the office who comes in with his white sun glare stick on his lips and walking around like he owns the place.

If you are THAT kind of guy, read on.

Ski Dubai is made for anyone and everyone who’s into Skiing, Snowboarding and penguins. It’s great for a family day out and even better if you know what you are doing.

If like us you are totally useless you will spend most of your time on your butt keeping your body guessing which bone is likely to break next!

Located in the Mall of the Emirates, the 3000 meter interactive snow park has five fun rides, skiing or snowboard lessons for the kids and a Penguin encounter session.

The snow resort also houses theme café to pile on the calories once you’ve burned it off!.

The slopes at Ski Dubai

Pro-Tip – stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles before going to Ski Dubai and it will help reduce the aches you’ll probably have next morning.

3. Ice Rink – Brrrrrr!

Don't fall over! Chillout Spots in Dubai

Oh, we really had a blast at the ice rink, and it definitely deserves its place in our top 10. It’s even more fun if no one in your group has skated before!

This wonderful Ice Rink next to Souk is the perfect place to max out your showing off skills and wave to your family while you fall down in slow motion and realise you actually don’t know how to skate. Well that’s what happened to us but this place is actually quite cool.

With Cafes nearby and a place to relax, sometimes there are instructors to help you learn properly – although quite why you would want to learn is a bit beyond us, unless you are trying out for the olympics…hmmm.

The Rink boasts 2000 pairs of shoes for visitors so you won’t be waiting for people to come off the rink. Overall, a cool chill out spot where you can take your time and enjoy a great time with your family or friends.

We thoroughly advise you to wear gloves and a hat if you aren’t used to the cold..

4. Wild Wadi Water Park – Aaaaaaaah!

Chillout Spots in Dubai - Wild Wadi

(Photo Credit: Atlantis Hotels)

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The Wild Wadi is one of the oldest destinations for tourists and locals alike.

It’s an absolute must visit place when you are in Dubai in the hot summer months.

This water park used to host the largest water slide in the world!

I first visited the park when it first opened and got to experience this brutal slide, and I remember as I was going down the first time I actually thought I was going to come off and end up in Abu Dhabi.

But for now, its been removed to make way for two other rides – the water park is constantly evolving and you can never get bored! The coolest part for us is the 360 metre long stretch of water to just chill out, put your shades on and remember why you came here in the first place.

If you’re with family, theres a kids area with loads of rides for them – they won’t want to leave.

There’s also (as expected) great changing facilities and cleanliness is at an all time high. The park also has cabanas (tropical cabins) that you can book not to mention there’s loads to eat nearby.

Its right in front of the Burj Al-Arab, and will leave you with an unforgettable experience – a really fun day out.

Chillout Spots in Dubai Wild Wadi

(Photo Credit – Atlantis Hotels)

5. Aquaventure – Swishhhhh

WOW! Look at that view

(Photo Credit – Atlantis Hotels)

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Aquaventure has one of those names that conjures up a magical water park that will inspire you to write novels or indeed the Little Mermaid 4, and my goodness does it live up to the hype.

Situated within Atlantis (the mega hotel that everyone wants to visit!),   it’s one of our most frequented places to chill out.

Not only are there water slides like the Wild Wadi, but the Park also hosts an absolute variety of beautiful marine animals to marvel at, so you can sit down and watch the kids in peace staring at a giant shark in the face!

Chillout Spots in Dubai Aquaventure

Great with the family! (Photo Credit – Atlantis Hotels)

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One of the coolest parts of the park is the live ray feeding and shark snorkeling – not as scary as you would imagine with proper trained instructors the session allows you to experience what its really like to be up close to the fiersome predators.

The final part of this beautiful place it the beach just outside the park which offers beautiful views of the sea for those wanting to sit back, relax and do nothing.

For those who like to chill out at the beach, the Aquaventure beach is nearby with its snow white sand and excellent view of the blue horizon.

The Magnificent Atlantis

6. Bazio Gelato – It’s a Gelato Affair! Yum!

Chillout Spots in Dubai

Probably the the best ice-cream in Dubai (Photo Credit https://masticationmonologues.com/)

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When I hear the word Ice cream something happens to me.

I get all excited and get a hot flush, and of course our list of chillout spots in Dubai wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic ice cream place and Bazio Gelato is our pick of the lot.

The quality of the ice cream is pure bliss, and being an ice-cream fanatic like I am, you can tell if an ice-cream contains average quality and something that blows your mind, and Bazio Gelato is definitely of the latter.

Bazio Gelato is a great place to hang out with your friends after a hard session at the gym or if you’ve just had a long argument with your wife – both equally exhausting. (Although one helps you lose weight quicker with less less stress).

If you’re a lazy person like me, and begin to love the taste of the place, the Bazio Gelato crew also have a truck that drives around the Greens and Palm Jumeirah so you ‘re never far away from your favourite treat. Located right next to the Dubai American University at Al Barsha.

7. The Irish Village – O Ireland!

Chillout Spots in Dubai

Lovely food and great atmosphere(Photo Credit: Trip Advisor)

Dublin in Dubai!

One of the oldest chill out spots in Dubai, but If you’re an expat in Dubai and miss the pubs back home, this place is a real treat.

The Irish Village Garhoud is just next to the tennis stadium (are they wanting you to stumble around the tennis court?)

With wonderful seating areas and great food, you’ll really love the experience and get a taste of home with your friends.

One thing you got to watch out for, people love to smoke and the Irish Village can get pretty smoky on a night. If you are susceptible to lung issues or asthma, be careful!

Dublin in Dubai?! Chillout Spots in Dubai

Dublin in Dubai?!

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The one real gem of this place is they have amazing live music (If you’re a Brit you’ll really love some of the people they get on stage – The Proclaimers are a favourite of ours!)

The other time to visit the Irish Village is on St Patricks Day, and it can get really crowded! Overall, a lovely place with great atmosphere

8. Ewaan Lounge – Elegance!

Ewaan Lounge Chillout Spots in Dubai

How Gorgeous! (Photo Credit: Trip Advisor)

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Some people might be surprised why this place got into our Top 10 in comparison to other lounges, but it really is a delight to try out.

With sensational Shisha and Moroccan tea, the Ewaan lounge lives up to its reputation in Dubai.

The Lounge overlooks the Burj which is quite a site in itself – great for chilling out and spending time with your friends. The main plus for the lounge is the distinctively arab feel to the place – you really feel as if you are in the middle east. The poolside area is a neat touch and adds class your experience.

Fridays is a real feast with a wide array fo arab foods and live cooking so you can taste your tabbouleh and see how its made. Be wary of booking prior to arriving as it can get really busy on the weekends, sometimes we have had to wait for 15 minutes before a table can be found.

Service is generally really good and you can also experience traditional arab dancing on some nights. Pro-Tip Try the cheese kunafa and smoke a sheesha to get the full experience!

9. Café Rider – Vrooom! Let’s Ride!

Cafe Rider Chillout Spots in Dubai

Feeling Cool? Put your shades on and let’s ride. (Photo Credit: Unexpected Custom)

This is for all the coffee lovers out there who also own a harley davidson, and/or love Mad Max and similar hobbies. Niche market you say?

Yes, most definitely.

This place has some of the best coffees from around the world, and it has to be in our top 10 chillout spots in Dubai. Even though its coffee and doesn’t really chill you out on a hot day!

When you walk in you will quickly realise you’re in the wrong place if you’ve turned up in a suit, as there’s a glass behind the store with a workshop housing a cool motorbike!

Very cool for people into bikes. Local roasts are combined with international one’s like Sight Glass from USA and Coffee Planet from Dubai to form one of the best caffeine combination.

Café Riders also has a community that share the passion of motorcycle and art.

The casual seating and friendly staff provides a supercool feel to the Café, and we know you want to be cool.

10. Nasimi Beach

Nasimi Beach Chillout Spots in Dubai

The coolest beach in Dubai! (Photo Credit: nstravel.ro)

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To really cool off, you need a beach, and Nasimi is one of the best out there.

With a super cool vibe and atmospheres that only the best in Dubai can give (that quiet relaxing hum you can hear is sometimes all you need!), Nasimi nicely rounds off our list of chillout spots in Dubai.

Featuring a beach club and restaurant, the area has plenty to offer, starting from a beach side to a super cool dining area and a dance floor during the night! It’s also a wonderful place to watch the sunsets in Dubai.

You couldn’t really ask for much more! If you want to a wonderful dining experience, this is THE place to go for lunch after visiting atlantis, AND you can take your kids too!


So what do you think? Did we cover everything or did we miss something? Where do you go to chill out in Dubai and why?

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