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What is Dubai Media City?

Dubai Media City is an enclave of 25 buildings hosting media companies, television stations, radio stations, magazine and newspaper companies as well as advertising agencies.

Companies such as MBC, Reuters, and Sony all have offices in the Dubai Media City and expansion to the UAE is seen a critical part of many multinationals development in the Middle East.

It was created in 2000 as a centre for media companies and industry professionals to work in one area to collaborate and co-oordinate their activities in the UAE.  Dubai Media City is a member of the Dubai Holding Group (owned by the UAE Government).

The city encourages entrepreneurs to set up companies in the area to promote media activities of the UAE by way of a start-up fee of 50,000 DHS.

The Growth of Dubai Media City has been phenomenal with an initial seed number of 99 Companies in 2001 which has been growing 20-30 percent year on year.

Why Should I set up a company in Media City?

  • 100% Owned by Foreign Investor (If you are a freelancer this is very useful)
  • 100% Movement of Profits back to your home country without penalty
  • 0% Corporate, Personal Tax (for a total of 50 years)
  • Simple process to get registered
  • Located in the centre of “New Dubai” Area
  • A simple one-stop process provided by Dubai Media Authority for Registration, Licencing and Immigration Facilities
  • Business area features its own restaurants, post office, Gym, and Security
  • ‘One-stop-shop’ for Administration Services
  • Fee includes Meeting Room access, Office Maintenance, Guest Reception Area and general running costs (Electric, Air Conditioners)

A full list of incentives can be found on the Media City Incentives page.

How can I register a company in Dubai Media City?

The DTMFZA (Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority is the department registering companies in Media City and ensures all processes are followed. dubai-media-city-2The most popular licence option for companies is LLC but you can set yourself up as a freelancer if you want (but this is more expensive long term.)

You can join Dubai Media City with start-up capital of 50,000 DHS. The Dubai Media City company can create this for you.

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How can I get jobs in Dubai Media City?

applyCV offers a range of jobs in Dubai Media City. Simply Post your CV and get started. Alternatively check out our LinkedIn Guide to finding jobs in Dubai.

There are many companies based in Dubai Media City – search for the company you want to work for on LinkedIn and go through the guide.

What is the application process for Dubai Media City?

There are 3 types of company you can register.

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch Company
  • Freelancer Company


Stage 1

You will need:

  • An application form from the Dubai Media City Authority for Registration of Company
  • An application form for the Licence to operate which will include a licence fee
  • A Business plan template (How you intend to operate, marketing, financial and other plans)

Stage 2

Submission of Legal documents to the Dubai Media City Authority is required:

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Business Plan
  • Bank Statements
  • Confirmation of Business Activities, Type of Business Entity, and Legal Structure of Company
  • Resolution for Natural Shareholders
  • Board Resolution for Corporate Shareholders

Stage 3

At this stage, all documents are submitted and payment is arranged with Dubai Media City Freezone Authority. Thereafter a licence is granted and operations can begin.

What kind of Companies can join Media City?

  • Advertising/Communication
  • Media Company
  • Marketing Company
  • Media Support
  • Event Management
  • Media Consultancy
  • Freelancers

If you require a professional company for business setup, we recommend using Charterhouse Lombard for Business setup for reliability.

However you can also register the company yourself without a company but it could take longer as certain processes may have legal implications depending on your company activities.

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