Top 8 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

recruitment agencies in dubai

Top 8 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

We have compiled a very simple list for you to contact recruitment agencies in Dubai. The list below is updated regularly.

Most are based in Dubai with their head offices in Western countries.  Please contact the agency direct and supply an up to date CV and Application form.  

Dubai has become a hot-bed for recruitment agencies eager to get the best talent.  They are crucial to Dubai becoming a stable, economic force in the UAE.

Recruitment agencies in Dubai will typically comprise of western recruitment consultants, with an area for local arabic employment.

Please be aware, that recruitment agencies in Dubai should never ask for money up front.  Any agency that asks for money up front is doing so illegally.

Do not accept any offer of jobs from companies offering to “guarantees”.

Note: Some agencies may not respond due to the vast number of correspondence they receive on a daily basis.

Handle your own recruitment by chasing up recruitment agencies and staying on top of applications.

In Dubai, private companies can take a while to get your job offer fully completed.  Recruitment agencies in Dubai are no different. The easiest way is to make a spreadsheet of all applications and track them.

Not all recruitment agencies in Dubai will be able get you a job in Dubai. The key is to keep on applying to jobs and keep your motivation.

You must have a correctly written CV and Cover Letter.

Recruitment agencies in Dubai may be able to help you with your application process so do not hesitant to ask.

Please try and visit the offices of a recruitment agencies in Dubai to further increase your chances of gaining the job you want .


1. Bayt

2. BAC Middle East Recruitment

3. Budge Recruitment

4. Clarendon Parker

5. Charter House

5. Grafton Group

5. Hays Specialist

6. Jobtrack

7. Kershaw Leonard

8. Talent Management Consultancy

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