Malls in Dubai – The Top 10 for 2014

Here we offer a rundown of our pick of the Top 10 Malls in Dubai (2014 Edition) Off we go!
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Dubai. The middle eastern gem popular for its amazing climate, superb holidays, and…!

We can’t have a website about working and living in dubai without the incredible shopping experiences served up in Dubai.


The levels of opulence range from the downright ridiculous (Burjuman we’re looking at you) to Deira Centre for your typical mall shopping experience in Dubai.  
Of course, standard by the rest of the world’s standard is something like Carrefour – in Dubai, bigger is better, and don’t we know it! The word shop till you drop must have a middle eastern origin as

Dubai has without doubt one of the most varied shopping experiences known to man. With brands galore, eye-popping shop sizes and clothes ranges going on for miles one can only marvel at the level of retail therapy on offer. (By the way, ‘Shop Till you Drop’ was an american gameshow in the 1990s.)  

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