Top 10 sunsets in Dubai

Envision yourself lying down on a blissful, sandy beach staring up above at the illuminating sky with your partner right by your side. Visualize yourself sitting alongside your wife, with a mouth watering meal in front of you, gazing at the fiery, vibrant sunset. Picture yourself standing on top of the world’s tallest building with your date, gleaming away as the mystical night takes over. Now tell us, does life get any better than that?

2. Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Yachts are the essence of luxury.

On this significant night, your job’s to shower your date with an oopmh of extravagance.

Your approach is pretty self-explanatory now, isn’t it?

The club’s got fabulous food and a vast range of drinks to select from.

With an unbelievable location, overlooking the peaceful marina, the sunset’s guaranteed to look enchanting.

If you’ve got the cash, taking your date for a well thought out ride across the bay might just help you win him/her over! sunset in dubai

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