What do people really think of Dubai?


We often get asked at WorklifeDubai headquarters “What do people really think of Dubai?” So we decided to go out and find out…. We had some surprising results when we put the word out. This week we cover residents from Malysis, U.S, U.K and Russia.

We tried to take a cross-section of the recent movers to Dubai from our network here’s what they had to say.

Em Phong, 27 – Resident for 2 Years


Supermarket Assistant from Malaysia

“I came to Dubai in late 2004 with my 2 children and left my husband behind. Dubai for me seems like a bit of a dream. I like some parts and don’t like others. When I came first I did not know anyone and people were not very friendly, but I have got used to the place. I can say that it has paid my bills but I want to go back to Malaysia where I am from – Dubai is not exciting for me…actually I find it quite boring..”

Jackie Ponter, 46 – Resident for 1 Year


I.T Manager for large Multinational Chocolate Manufacturer from California, U.S

“Dubai has been a real G0d-send for me. I was 45 and thinking of moving somewhere but my husband wasn’t sure as he had retired and wanted to live a peaceful retirement! I wasn’t going to let him do that on his own so I began applying for jobs on the internet early 2004. It took me around 2 years to move to Dubai and I’m glad I did. I like the lifestyle here as its kinda like california. I guess the people are a little more strict but the friends I’ve made here are pretty awesome. There are parties for every age group.”

Steve Dinow, 32 – Resident for 3 Years


Sales Manager from United Kingdom

“I can honestly say that Dubai is a mixed bag. I think one of the main problems in Dubai is that there is no culture here. The Government has to constantly make new things that will attract tourists, and that bugs me. I didn’t think it would as I’ve travelled all over the world with my job. It’s definitely one thing to consider when moving here.”

Cat Vaselov, 29 – Resident for 2 Years


Administrative Assistant for Finance Company from Russia

“I was born in the U.S and moved to Russia when I was 17 with my family. I came to Dubai when I was 27 and I love it here. I would say the best thing about it is the weather. I am not used to such hot weather and we can be outside at a pool party somewhere with friends and the weather can be amazing. I think the expat population is really friendly usually and its really easy to make friends if you are a girl. Maybe for boys its different”

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