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WorkLifeDubai.com is a leading online magazine based in Dubai covering all aspects of Dubai Life.  We offer original opinions, reports, articles, stories and discussions on everything from Celebrity to living and working in Dubai.

We operate with 11 writers around the world and locally in Dubai with various interests in the Emirate.

Our writers include travel specialists, celebrity and entertainment writers, and recruitment consultants.

A Passion for Dubai

Dubai is a diverse country attracting immigrants from all over the world each with a passion to make Dubai a destination of choice for tourists and pleasure seekers alike.  It is the seventh most visited city in the world and growing every year.

The Dubai story is one of growth, development and success within a short period of time. The emirate has a vast and rich landscape of glamour, style, business and tourism attracting large businesses to invest.

WorkLifeDubai.com aims to channel this passion of the emirate, it’s rapid growth and opportunity offering the most informative content possible to readers.  

Our Story

The website is the brainchild of Salman Chaudhry, an Online Marketing expert from the UK.  With extensive travel to the middle east for business, he realised the potential of a unique website for each sector of the UAE Market.  With an expected increase in tourism and Dubai being heralded as the globe’s greatest tourist destination by 2020, residents and readers abroad need information on the country and its exciting developments – this is where WorkLifeDubai was born.

WorkLifeDubai aims to be the premier choice for readers across the world needing information about Dubai, living and working in Dubai, Entertainment, Life issues and beyond.

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